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    I would like to change the DEFAULT Notification type on only one of my styles to:


    HOW do I do that????


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    Why do you want to change this on one of the Styles? Styles don't have anything to do with the php backend...
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      WELL....I noticed in the templets where this was....and I'm hoping that IF I can have this ONE STYLE that DEFAULTS to DO NOT SUBSCRIBE...then I can force this STYLE onto one of my forums/rooms.

      This room is used as a place were I have IMAGE competitions...thus...I do not want my users to know who the posters of these images are.

      So...for some time now I have been developing this one STYLE that is not something a user can choose...but...when you enter this one particular forum/room that style is FORCED onto the user.

      SO...if that style would FORCE that user to have DO NOT SUBSCRIBE as the default..then when that USER reply's to a thread with an image attached...HE will NOT be subscribed to that thread...thus....he will NOT get email notices...thus this is one more way they will NOT be able to know who the makers are.

      Did that make sense?????

      IF there is a better way to prevent emails from being sent out from this particular room/forum.....I would love to know...this is currently what I'm trying to stop from happening.

      Thanks so much for asking.



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        While I'm at it...I have another request....IN this special STYLE that I have named BLANK...I have successfully gone through the postbit and other areas like reply and many many others and successfully removed any indication of who the poster is.

        HOWEVER....if you right click and then VIEW SOURCE...the USERNAMES are still there!!!!

        How could I go about removing it from the SOURCE codes too??????

        Thanks again for listening....



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