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BIG Database Error, Please Help Guys...

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  • BIG Database Error, Please Help Guys...

    I know you have seen this before but I am at a complete loss and really down about this, Ive emailed tech support but they were next to useless... just quoting the following:

    "Link-ID == false, connect failed

    This error could be caused by any of the following:

    1) The database information in your config.php file is wrong (in which case your forums won't work at all.)
    2) The user doesn't have permission to access the database specified in config.php.
    3) The database doesn't exist.
    4) MySQL isn't accepting new connections. (The server could either be down or has reached it's maximum connections limit.)

    If you are sure your config.php info is correct, then you will need to contact your host about this."

    The problem started when I tried to install a script called Flashchat, It seemed to of went well but obviosuly it didnt as when I tried to access the forums i get the following error:

    Link-ID == false, connect failed
    mysql error:

    mysql error number: 0

    The config.php seems to be right and i even re-installed a backup one, The user data shouldnt of changed and seems right, The database DOES exist as ive been to it in phpmyadmin, finally ive contacted my hosts but i doubt its that as my mambo cms uses a database and thats fine and its too much of a coincidence that it went down just as i did this... please help guys, im at my wits end, my site was just starting to take off. grrrrrrr thanks in advance!

    BTW ive tried re-installing a backup database from a week ago but after attempting to upload the file i get an error to say that a 3000 second time limit or something has expired??!?!?

    EDIT: here is the exact error...

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/libraries/read_dump.lib.php on line 91

    EDIT 2: Tried to repair and got this, could it be a clue?

    totallyp_totallyp.access OK
    totallyp_totallyp.adminhelp OK
    totallyp_totallyp.administrator OK
    totallyp_totallyp.adminlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.adminutil OK
    totallyp_totallyp.announcement OK
    totallyp_totallyp.attachment OK
    totallyp_totallyp.attachmenttype OK
    totallyp_totallyp.attachmentviews OK
    totallyp_totallyp.avatar OK
    totallyp_totallyp.bbcode OK
    totallyp_totallyp.calendar OK
    totallyp_totallyp.calendarcustomfield OK
    totallyp_totallyp.calendarmoderator OK
    totallyp_totallyp.calendarpermission OK
    error : The handler for the table doesn't support repair
    totallyp_totallyp.cron OK
    totallyp_totallyp.cronlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.customavatar OK
    totallyp_totallyp.customprofilepic OK
    totallyp_totallyp.datastore OK
    totallyp_totallyp.deletionlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.editlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.event OK
    totallyp_totallyp.faq OK OK
    totallyp_totallyp.forumpermission OK OK
    totallyp_totallyp.icon OK
    totallyp_totallyp.imagecategory OK
    totallyp_totallyp.imagecategorypermission OK
    totallyp_totallyp.language OK
    totallyp_totallyp.mailqueue OK
    totallyp_totallyp.moderation OK
    totallyp_totallyp.moderator OK
    totallyp_totallyp.moderatorlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.passwordhistory OK
    totallyp_totallyp.phrase OK
    totallyp_totallyp.phrasetype OK OK
    totallyp_totallyp.pmreceipt OK
    totallyp_totallyp.pmtext OK
    totallyp_totallyp.poll OK
    totallyp_totallyp.pollvote OK OK
    totallyp_totallyp.post_parsed OK
    totallyp_totallyp.posthash OK
    totallyp_totallyp.postindex OK
    totallyp_totallyp.profilefield OK
    totallyp_totallyp.ranks OK
    totallyp_totallyp.regimage OK
    totallyp_totallyp.reminder OK
    totallyp_totallyp.reputation OK
    totallyp_totallyp.reputationlevel OK OK
    error : The handler for the table doesn't support repair
    totallyp_totallyp.setting OK
    totallyp_totallyp.settinggroup OK
    totallyp_totallyp.smilie OK
    totallyp_totallyp.stats OK
    totallyp_totallyp.strikes OK OK
    totallyp_totallyp.subscribeevent OK
    totallyp_totallyp.subscribeforum OK
    totallyp_totallyp.subscribethread OK
    totallyp_totallyp.subscription OK
    totallyp_totallyp.subscriptionlog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.template OK
    totallyp_totallyp.thread OK
    totallyp_totallyp.threadrate OK
    totallyp_totallyp.threadviews OK
    totallyp_totallyp.upgradelog OK
    totallyp_totallyp.user OK
    totallyp_totallyp.useractivation OK
    totallyp_totallyp.userban OK
    totallyp_totallyp.userfield OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usergroup OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usergroupleader OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usergrouprequest OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usernote OK
    totallyp_totallyp.userpromotion OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usertextfield OK
    totallyp_totallyp.usertitle OK
    totallyp_totallyp.word OK
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    The error message you describe can only be generated as a result of either an incorrect config.php file or a problem with your MySQL server. There is nothing more that anyone can say to you over and above what support has already told you.

    Please don't berate vBulletin support for telling you what the problem is and offering possible causes for the problem.


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      I wasnt, apologies if it came across that way but im entitled to my opinion and thats the way i felt. I expected a little more than the information I have already seen on the forums, Maybe they could of explained a little more in the the email I received. They told me i have a database problem, yep. thats why i emailed them... The config.php is a big file and a pointer or two where the problem could lie would of helped.


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        If your MySQL server is running properly, the variables in config.php that influence connection success are username, password, servername and databasename.


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          The problem is solved, it WAS a config error. Once again apologies to you and the team for being an arse...


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