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  • WYSIWYG editor

    The WYSIWYG editor allows a user to create a new post and see what the end result will look like while the post is being made. This is different from the vBulletin standard editor which requires you to understand BB Code tags.

    To enable this editor, you must first make sure it is on in the Admin Control Panel by going to the following location:

    Admin Control Panel --> vBulletin Options --> Message Posting Interface Options

    Then set the Enable Clickable Message Formatting Controls to be Enable Standard & WYSIWYG Controls.
    the above is a cut and paste from a help thread on the WYSIWYG editor, for me it does not work, i cannot see the post as it is being formed

    whilst setting it and other things up it did - briefly - but not any more

    sure it is something i have made a mess of but cannot find it, are there any other settings i need to look at



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    If you follow all the instructions in that thread, it should be enabled. Try walking through them again to make sure that everything is enabled correctly. Also you should make sure that you have it enabled in your User CP:

    User CP --> Edit Options --> Message Editor Interface
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      thanks, as i said it was working and i was not aware i had changed anything, have re checked everything and i can find nothing wrong with the settings

      also tried it on another vb board i visit and on here and do not see the posts forming, so assume it must be something on my system that is blocking it

      i use Maxthon as a browser, also tried it is straight IE and no difference

      having said that just tried it on another computer on the network and still nothing

      most odd


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