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    Does anyone know of any documentation that is available to new moderators that anyone has written that they would be willing to share? Including use of the moderator control panel for new mods?


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    No sorry. I don't know of any documentation for this.
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      Hi there,

      What do you think the top5 or top10 Moderator FAQ's would be? Perhaps we could look into this for future versions of vBulletin.

      To the developers: I still am hoping for a revamped FAQ system that also has permissions system based on usergroups; so you can make FAQ entires for various usergroups. But so that it won't display admin-faq to guests. etc.


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        Yes, I think this would be a very good idea!



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          That is exactly the info I was looking for in my FAQ search that brought me to this thread - to find out if anyone has requested this. FAQ with usergroup permissions is almost a necessity for me!

          Hope this will be done in future version.


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            Here's a start to some type of documentation, updated for version 3.5

            Feel free to copy, modify, and improve on what I have there.


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