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importing phpbb2 into 3.0.7 with previous phpbb2 import now a huge mess HELP

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  • importing phpbb2 into 3.0.7 with previous phpbb2 import now a huge mess HELP

    importing phpbb2 into 3.0.7 with previous phpbb2 import now a huge mess HELP URL: <~~View it to see the problem(s)

    The Before:
    I use to run phpbb 2.0.11 highly modified. In the process of adding more tweaks/hacks the forum messed up and I ended up loosing my forum and I had to start over. Thankfully I had the database mysql backup file which had about 10,000 posts and 2K of threads that I wanted to import into a fresh phpbb. Simple right? Make a clean new PHPBB install upload the backup file (restore database) and viola? NO! Didn't work as you know.
    I tried many times but it kept timing out. PHPBB support said it was probably due to my host due to bandwidth over the web. I spoke with my host and they do not have a cap. So the backup never worked. I started all over again with a fresh phpbb and used it for about 6 months. Then I got sick of PHPBB and wanted VB because of all the errors and lack of control phpbb provides. I got fedup and FINALLY switched to vbulletin (Should have long time ago).


    I only imported the NEW phpbb2 database info with impex into vb.
    I wanted to import the #2 phpbb file into vb (I run 3.0.7) because I was not sure if you could merge phpbb forums into a single vbulletin forum. I did some research and was told from a VBulletin rep (Steve Machol, I believe) that you could import 2x into vb and I'd get all my phpbb into vb! That was my dream!

    The after:

    As I said above I had NO ISSUES with my vb imported with my #2 phpbb info but always wanted to "hopefully" import the data from the #1 phpbb that I was unsucessful to import into my #2 (yes second) phpbb forum.
    I bought VB and imported the newer #2 phpbb info and all has been well.

    Well this morning I got stupid and created another PHPBB forum (fresh) and sent the phpbb backup file to the server through putty. The info showed up on the index but all the threads redirected and were not functioning properly See here

    I tried to import but it showed the previous info from my original import. I uploaded a new impexconfig file with the new source database info that i wanted to pull from (where I uploaded the mysql file)

    In the middle of updating I get a white screen error!

    I got this blue message saying I can delete and start the session over. So I say oh ok, I'll just do that. It will revert it great! I deleted EVERYTHING I've imporeted inlcluding myself!!!

    I try to log back in and It says my password is invalid! I say ugh oh!
    I go to the index and oh man I lost everything prior to the install of vb on 3/16!!!

    I click on my usernames ID=1 and ID=3
    Invalid User specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster

    What do I do now? I do not exist and I am the Site Admin! I tried my other account (full admin as well) and it doesnt exist either! Only the users that were created AFTER I installed vb are there!

    Sorry about the extremely long post. I am just trying to be as descriptive and helpful as possible.I'm so confused. What should I do? PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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