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  • moderators in forums

    when i add a moderator to a specific forum i get up a list of options/permissions

    these are preset within vb, is there a way to alter this preloaded list of settings permanently

    i realise i can do it and save the new options but i want to add a lot of mods to one forum over time and if the list of permissions were as i wanted them then it would just be a matter of adding the new name and the permissions would be as i wanted them

    hopefully the settings will be in a template or the like



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    You would have to modify the files.

    When I added my moderators I just filled out the form, entered a name and forum, submitted the form, and then clicked the "back" button so I could submit the same form with different names / forums. Rinse and repeat.


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      thanks Jake, can see how that would work for adding a few mods at one time, but i will want to do it at intervals that may be weeks apart

      can the presets not be altered???


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        Originally posted by tony adams
        can the presets not be altered???
        They can, but you would have to modify the files. For help with this I recommend you post on