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New users are getting a link to an open directory

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  • New users are getting a link to an open directory

    When I was following the installation directions and the step came to rename the upload folder "Forums" I was prohibited from renaming for some reason. It said the file was being used. Rather than figure that out, I just kept plugging ahead. I still don't care if the url says www.mydomain/upload instead of forum...

    BUT... now that it's all up and running, when a new user succesfully signs up,
    and sees this page...

    (Thank you, DarkPheonixKitten. Your registration is now complete.

    You may now proceed to edit your Profile in order to fill in additional personal details about yourself, or you could modify your Options to customize your browsing experience of this site. If you would rather do these things later, you can do so by following the links around the site to your User Control Panel.

    Alternatively, you can simply go back to the Forums and start posting in threads.)

    ...The link points the user to an open directory, when he clicks on "go back to the Forums."

    How do I change that link so that it points to http://www.mydomain/upload/index.php instead of just

    http://www.mydomain/upload ?

    What template is that? Where is it stored, and how can I edit it?


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    The link to the forum would be ../upload/index.php

    But a normal configured server, would automatic use the index.php if configured correct. I suggest you contact your host about this, and maybe he can also rename the directory for you.
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