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  • Back-up for idiots

    Keeping in mind that, while I am pretty ok with certain computery type concepts, I am a complete idiot when it comes to sql, java, databases, things like that (and I had a 16 year old install my vbulletin!) I have a very important question and I need the help of someone well versed in 'idiot' to help me. As in someone who can walk me through something, step-by-step, beginning to end, in a way that I understand.

    I want to back-up both of my bulletin boards. I tried to use the built-in system in the admin cp but it didn't work, probably because both boards are already too large for it to work.

    So, there's my question. Anyone who can lend me a hand, I would greatly appreciate it and thank you so very much!

    --Lady I

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    Some manual backup methods are detailed here:

    SSH/telnet is the most reliable method.