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Fixed width and custom BG questions

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  • Fixed width and custom BG questions

    Hi guys. I have an image as the bg for the main area of the page, but i want my whole forum which ive just increased the fixed width of to 940 pixels, to do something im unsure about.

    i want a table thats say, 930 pixels accross. that table having a bg image that matches my main site.

    then inside that area, the forum itself, just a bit smaller so it fits nice and snug and the bg image mentioned above visible on the left and right, bordering the forum.

    can some kind sould help me find which template to edit?

    i have my new header and footer in place, just need the main body of the forum to match up now

    thanks in advance!

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    If I am understanding you correctly, then you need to specify a background image for this class:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Main CSS (in the menu) -> Page Background

    And depending on the image, you might need to do something like this.


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      thanks mate. yep i tried that and it looked a bit weird, needs tweaking. ill take a read through that thread you linked and see how good i can get it to look.

      thanks for the link!