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Changing language depending on URL?

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  • Changing language depending on URL?

    Sorry for asking a noobie question. I work a lot with ASP and am new to PHP. Basically the only reason I started learning PHP is because vBulletin...

    I have a forum that will be used for 50% English audience and 50% Big5 audience. I understand that users can change the display language in CP, but is there a way that I can change the language of the forum by using different URL's? For example, I can put a language selector "English | 中文(繁)" at the home page (prior to entering the forum) and, depending which one the user clicks on, the language displayed is changed...

    Having users change language setting in CP may not be a good option because people would simply turn and leave if the language is different from their native language.

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    It is not possible to specify a language via the URL in the current version. That only works for styles.

    I believe there is a hack for this on


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      Thank You!

      You are absolutely right.

      Some nice folks there created some function calls to automatically detect browser settings and change forum display language depending on that language.

      I'll give it a try. Thanks again!


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        You can set it via url in 3.5



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          That's NICE. Looking forward to the formal release!

          p.s. If you click on the link you provided, it changes the language setting to 3... which is right justified and goofy looking. So you will have to change the "langid=3" back to "1" in the address bar to get back to normal view...

          VERY NICE addition....


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