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Force "show all threads" in a specific forum? (not the "default";

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  • Force "show all threads" in a specific forum? (not the "default";

    I know about the default forum settings for viewing age (show all threads), but this applies only to guests and to registered users who have not specified their own forum age preference.

    What I want is a conditional (or some other means) to override the user preference for a specific forum so that all users are forced to see all posts within a specific forum.

    I searched here and found only instructions for changing the default forum age. I searched at and found nothing

    Anyone? Ideally there would be a checkbox next to the forum control panel setting for viewing age to "override user preference" (similar to override style), but alas we don't have that option.

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    Here's what I've come up with so far...

    In forumdisplay.php find:
    if (!$daysprune)
    if ($bbuserinfo['daysprune'] != 0)
    Change to:
    if (!$daysprune)
    if ($bbuserinfo['daysprune'] != 0 AND $foruminfo['forumid'] != 'XX')
    Where XX is the forum ID. Thus the user preference is ignored for the specific forum and the default is applied. The forum can still be sorted if desired.

    Anyone have any better suggestions?

    How about if I have multiple forums, is there a clean way to specify an array? Currently I have a string of AND statements which isn't very clean.


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      So nobody else has implemented anything like this?

      I like what I came up with, however I would still like to know how to use an array of forum ID's to simplify the code (vs. multiple AND statements) ?



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        We're not supposed to discuss code changes here


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