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inserting a Flash image in a post

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  • inserting a Flash image in a post

    Is it possible to insert a flash image into a post that looks at a URL where the swf is saved?

    Any help is appreciated.

    At present if i goto the URL it displays.

    If in a post i go insert image and cut and paste the URL all i get it a red cross over where the image should be.

    Many thanks

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    This requires a new custom BBCode.

    Through search feature I find things like this: (hopefully it helps)


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      Thanks for Reply

      I found it however it hangs there and fails to load in the post.

      Would there be restrictions anywhere stopping it from loading.

      My Flash Player plays the URL but it doesnt play in the post.

      In the BB Code manager when i use an example it also shows in there as working. however in a post it doesn't

      Here where my steps.

      BBCode Manager
      Title = Flash Insertion
      Replacement= <embed src={option} width=400 height=300 type=application/x-shockwave-flash></embed>
      Decription=This tag is used to insert a Macromedia Shockwave Flash into a post.
      Use Option=Yes
      Button Image=images/editor/flash.gif

      Any Thoughts? Have i done something wrong?

      Thanks again.
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