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Create new table on database/myphp panel

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  • Create new table on database/myphp panel

    Hi guys

    My vbulletin fails at step 2,my host says i need to install a table in myphp at the cpanel of my host by using the install script but when i try this IT fails,anyone have a clue as to do this and does every host require u to go through this crap because i'm ready to shaft them !

    2 bloody days to install vbulletin with about 6 hours sleep -(8--(

    thankz guys

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    Step 2 is the initial connection to the MySQL database server. What you need to do is edit the values of the includes/config.php file and and create a database to hold all of the vBulletin data.

    You can learn about creating databases in cPanel here. The vBulletin documentation should walk you through the steps you need to perform to do this.

    After you create the database, you need to edit the values of the includes/config.php file to place the MySQL connection details. You can find out about editing the file here.
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      Yep ive done everything but still this

      Step 2) Connect to the database

      Attempting to attach to database

      Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/****/public_html/forum/includes/db_mysql.php on line 140
      The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.

      they said this


      The username for the DB is "aussi2_warfer69"
      The DB Name is "aussi2_vbulletin"

      I took a look at the DB content (PHPMyAdmin link is at the bottom of the MySQL
      Databases page in CPanel). There are no tables defined. So you will need to
      import your existing content or use the install application to set it all up.

      Hope this helps,

      Which i already tried,i tried the install in PHPMyAdmin to create the table but no go !
      Do i get another from the vbulletin,I'm otally lost on this yet i have the bloody thing installed and running on my own computer no probs or once vbullitin INSTALLS does it automatically put the TABLES in PHPMyAdmin !


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        heres more about what they expect me to do

        Server: localhost
        Database: xxxxx_forum
        Table: create table tablename; Field Type
        Table comments: Table type: DefaultMyISAMHeapMergeISAM
        Add field(s)

        * If field type is "enum" or "set", please enter the values using this format: 'a','b','c'...
        If you ever need to put a backslash ("\") or a single quote ("'") amongst those values, backslash it (for example '\\xyz' or 'a\'b'). ** For default values, please enter just a single value, without backslash escaping or quotes, using this format: a
        WHAT DO I DO HERE !


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          <I removed the images in your post that were causing your cPanel login box to popup in this thread>

          Here is all the info that can cause this error:

          1. One or more of the following is wrong in your config.php file:
          $servername (except in rare cases, this should almost always be left as 'localhost' or '')


          If you are unsure of what the appropriate values are then you will need to ask your web host.

          2. Or that this db user is not assigned to that database or does not have permission to access MySQL to create or access a database. You may need to first manually create the database and assign the db user to it. Since each web host is different, if you do not know how to do this then contact your web host for help.

          3. Or you are running MySQL 4.1.x. As of MySQL 4.1.X there is a new password hashing system. PHP4 does not have builtin support for it as of yet, however PHP5 does. In order for your old PHP4 MySQL clients to be able to connect to the MySQL 4.1.X database you need to set an OLD_PASSWORD. You should be able to run the following Query to make it possible for PHP4 to access the MySQL 4.1.X database.

          SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('password');

          More info is here:

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