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Too many users - bots?

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  • Too many users - bots?

    Hi all,

    For the past 2 days it seems like there are way too many users when I loggon. Normally I usually see 60 to 100 online at the same time. For the past 2 or three days it has tripled and all the extra users are guests.

    When I click 'Quicklinks' from the navbar to see what going on it seems like the majority of the bots are trying to respond (but are seeing the error messages thank goodness) to threads.

    I think most of the new 'extra' users are bots. If so, how do I go about disbling them or at least limiting them to the ones I want?

    Anyone have any feedback on dealing with this issue?

    Thx in advance,

    PS see - attached screenshot taken early in the morning when there are 40 users on average.
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    They are probably search spiders. You can block them using a robots file. See this page.


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      Thanks Jake!

      In general, is allowing these bots a bad thing?
      We have pop-unders in the forum - will allowing all bots allow each one to trigger a popunder thereby generating a few cents each?

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        No, Blocking them is a bad thing as it will make you less searchable in search engines such as google.
        Also they use a text based web browser so they don't get pop-up/unders of any kind as the browser really doesn't have "windows".


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          Thanks Dan - so last question should I let them ALL in?

          Are there SOME that I should block - or rather should I ONLY let certain ones in?

          if so which ones?

          Thanks all!


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            Really I've never blocked spiders from spider my site because it seems quite a few of the people who find my main site I work on seem to end up finding us by searching with google or some weird search engine I never heard of.


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              Search engine spiders seem to infest my forum everyday, but it can'yt hurt to get indexed so leave them be


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                If for some reason they are hurting you for bandwidth I would suggest blocking them from any image directories at the least


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