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"Legal" question about 3rd party images...

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  • "Legal" question about 3rd party images...

    Is there any regular way to protect forum agains 3rd party images?
    The background. The user can upload image, but if this user belongs to someone and copyright protected, this is headake for forum owner. Not only because it have to be deleted, but for many different reasons too, partially deleting image doesn't delete possible harm to his owner.
    At least we want to put responsibility of copyrights to user's shoulders. Is it possible? Is there any examples of legal agreement about this which user have to read and signup?
    It's not technical question, but mostly we want to know if it's possible to write such type of "paper" and if so, if there are any examples for this?
    Question is even a bit more important because we want allow users to install any pictures from forum to their cell phones, and here it's even more sharp situation.

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    If you worry about your liablities and such then it is probably best to turn off attachments and just tell your users to use imageshack and free image hosting sites like that.


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      Actually, turn off attachments and only allow links to external sites, no images at all, in that case you will be covered,

      The second someone takes a picture its copyrighted and protected to them.