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  • Quite worrying...

    A few super moderators and myself have been keeping an eye on the 'whos online' part of the forum. We have a staff room only visibly to moderators and adminsitrators and when we look at the whos online part, we see that guests are trying to access threads inside the staff room, but are getting the no permission message, it is quite worrying that guests know these threads exist as they should only be available to view by moderators and admins.

    They also seem to view the threads at the same time as members with the authoirty to view them. Guests do not have persmission to view the whos online page either, so I don't know how they know these threads exist.

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      Do you have adsense, do any of your staff use a toolbar?

      Adsense needs to view a page to deliever content.

      Toolbars like googles and a few other, check pages to give you a pr thus that is why you get that sort of guest trying to browse.