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  • Promotion/Title Question

    I recently created a usergroup with a title of Veteran to override the default ladder. I created a promotion to move users from registered to this new group after so many post. I also use a title of rookie for the registered group. After I created the promotion, I ran the query to update promotions. I've noticed that some users in both groups still have the title from the default ladder and other users have the new title that overrides it. The new group is a non-joinable public group and the override primary group title is set to no. Did I miss a step somewhere.

    I just realized this may be in the wrong place. Sorry.
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    Are you using the Veteran group as a secondary group? Users must manually choose to identify with a secondary group in order to receive its title. See the second post in this thread (it talks about ranks, but the same thing applies to titles).


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      No Jake, I'm changing their primary group to Veteran. I did a lot of reading here yesterday and saw the info on users having to go to their UserCP for pubic joinable groups. For us, users intially get put into the registered group which has some restricted permissions and after a certain number of post, they get promoted to the Veteran group but we change their primary group from Registered to Veteran. I thought since we changed their primary group, the titles would change as well. Should we have used secondary groups or is what we're doing good?


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        Then it should automatically change their title. If you continue to have problems then I will need to take a look for myself. Send me a PM with a URL and admin login for your forum, as well as all relevant information (names of groups involved, etc).


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          Hey Jake, thanks for the help. I figured it out. I had to run the Update User Titles. That was the step I left out.


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