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all of a sudden users cant post

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  • all of a sudden users cant post

    this has only happened a few times, but what ive noticed is that in certian forums, and these really have no bearing on this because they are not set to moderate posts or anything like that, however recently i have had members complain about they cant post .. what really happens is they do in fact post up, but their posts have to be moderated or approved to show up in the forum.

    the only variable i can think if is that one of my forum assistants who has access to membeship and permissions may have set these permissions on spcific user names for some reason. however, ruling this factor out, is there any possible way that these members would have been switched to additional usergroups (1) and their permissions for posting set to moderate without anyone messing with the individual user settings (2)

    this is really confusing me because i know my asst mike doesnt have time to do this stuff at work, so i dont think it was him. not saying he isnt capable of doing it, im just looking for an alternative reason as to how this would have happened. i did notice that one user in particular had his secondary usergroup checked next to unregistered users. Most likely this would cause a conflict and create this problem, but again, the "system" wouldnt do that on its own, right?

    ANY help or comments would be welcomed.

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    1. Check ALL the usergroup permissions for that forum. One of the usergroups they are in may be set to moderate posts.

    2. If they post a poll but don't complete the poll options, this is placed in the moderation queue.
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      whew, this fixed me too, thanks


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