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  • Trevor Hannant
    You mean the usergroup name or the username?

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  • Slayerz
    IS there anyway to rename the moderators?

    I mean the moderators thats appear under show staff when you add someone to a forum as moderator, i really like ot to be a different name.

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  • Marco van Herwaarden
    The Moderator Usergroup don't have any special powers by default. You can use it to show a different User Title and/or different Username colors for thos that are member of your Moderation Team.

    For a member of the Moderators Usergroup to be able to perform moderation actions, they must be assigned as a Moderator to a Forum wiht the right Moderation permissions for the tasks you want them to perform.

    The Super Moderators Usergroup is by default the same as the Moderators Usergroup with 1 exception, they have the 'Can Moderate All Forums (is Super Moderator)' set to Yes. This will allow them to perform moderation tasks on every Forum they have access to (ie. Forum Permissions).

    The Forum Leaders page (showgroups.php) will show 2 kinds of 'Leaders':
    - For every Forum that has a specific Moderator assigned, it will list the names of those Moderators.
    - For all Usergroups that have the 'Viewable on Show Groups' option set to Yes, it will list the Usergroup name and the members that are in the group.

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  • Ken Iovino
    When you select Add Moderator, enter there name, and do not change usergroup. This person will have the same forum permissions as a registered usergroup. Which means he will not be allowed to see any hidden forums you have made for mods.

    The reason he will be on the forumleaders list is because he is therefore a moderator. Hope this clears things up.

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  • rookiyong
    started a topic About Moderators usergroup

    About Moderators usergroup

    I need to clear up some understanding on Moderators after trying out. I need to know if these are correct.

    1. The default Moderator usergroup is solely for moderation of posts if any particular forum have been set "Yes" with Moderation options. This is the main difference between Registered Users usergroup and Moderators usergroup . so if I put a member as part of the Moderator usergroup , and the entire forum requires no moderation of posts, he is no different from a Registered User?

    2. The Moderator usergroup is not able to edit and delete a forum's post by default, but the Super Moderator usergroup is able to do that.

    3. If I want to assign a user to moderate a forum (i.e. to be able to edit posts), I would go to Forum Manager > Add Moderator > Enter username and "Do not change or add him to any new usergroup". This way, his usergroup will still be Registered Users, but is empowered with permissions to edit the forum he is assigned to.

    4. Now comes this which I don't understand. For example, User A is part of Moderator usergroup and is also assigned to forum 1. User B is part of Registered Users usergroup and is assigned to forum 2.

    When I click on "View Forum Leaders", there will be 2 tables showing Moderators. The 1st table will show Moderators for all forums, which means both user A and B will be part of it. The 2nd table will show Moderators for the Moderator usergroup, which means user A is part of it.

    Now this appears wierld to me as two tables using the same name (Moderators) but meant different things. Of course I could just rename the Moderator usergroup, but the default setup does confuse me

    Now just like to know if my understanding is correct? Hope my phrasing is not too confusing.


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