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3.0.7 Thumbnails and Netscape/Firefox

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  • 3.0.7 Thumbnails and Netscape/Firefox

    I have been reading a lot of posts about thumbnails issues. I have not found anything that completely fits our issues. A couple weeks ago we updated our forums from 3.0.1 to the current 3.0.7. The update when smooth as silk however I noticed several issues with our thumbnails. First off we now had some thumbnails that displayed links instead of images and some of our thumbnail images no longer open the full image. I have gone through all the settings and have rebuilt the thumbnails multiple times (during which the thumbnail link issues seemed to be worked out) but still to date if you are using Netscape or Firefox it is 20/80 hit and miss if a thumbnail will open the full image.

    I am at a complete loss with this. We are running a non-hacked install and I have even setup a test system with fresh OS install and clean installs of these browsers to make sure it isn't something else (add-ons) causing the issue. This is really a BIG issues for us as most of our readers quit using IE months if not years ago.

    As you can see I haven't posted much as we can usually find the answers via the search option or amongst ourselves but this time we are placing a call to the VB gods for a little assistance.

    Here is a direct link to our largest image thread so you can see the issue first hand.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    Well after two pots of coffee I have found the following most strange.

    If you right clicking on any of the thumbnail that will not function properly it opens the Element Properties (in Netscape) for the thumbnail and it's image link. If you copy the link properties link for the full image and paste it in an IE browser the FULL image opens. If you do the same in Netscape or Firefox nothing happens. It is as if Netscape and Firefox can't access the image for one reason or another.

    No errors occur mind you the browser just sits there doing nothing.
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      31 views but no suggestions...

      Ok how about a easy one. Under Attachments what does the "Move Items from Database into File System" option do? Can it be undone and does anybody think this could possibly help the issue?


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        That will "Move Items from Database into File System".

        Yes it can be undone.

        No i don't think it will help with your problems.

        It does however releave you MySQL a litle, so it could be just the litle what you need. Depending on the amount and size of the attachments you have, it could take a while however.
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