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Can't log in to admin area

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  • Can't log in to admin area


    Our forum is located at:

    And we are TCOYD.ORG (this question des not apply to the license you have me down for in your databse,

    One of our users is defined as the superadmin "TCOYD" I can log into the forum itself as this user, but I cannot log in to the admin panel. Please help.

    Its not accepting my password. It acts like its going to, and does not display the 'five strikes' page. Instead it simply prompts for my password again.

    We need this fixed immediately please, we require admin action before we add any new users to the registered members group.


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    When you setup the forums did you set a cookie domain? Chances are you have locked yourself out.

    You can upload tools.php from your DO_NOT_UPLOAD folder to your admincp directory. Then use it to reset your cookie settings.

    Once this is done remove tools.php


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      I actually dont recall if I set a cookie domain when I was setting up. I set it up almost a year ago, this is the first time I have had this particular issue with it. Why would this suddenly happen for no apparent reason?

      I'll try to follow your suggestion, if I can understand it.