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How Signature in Hardware info

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  • Jake Bunce
    That is not their entire postbit template. You will need the entire template from them.

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  • vakvak
    Template ostbit
    <!-- sig -->
    __________________<br />
    <!-- / sig -->
    left hadware info. Are you to approve code? how are the code apply and where to apply
    <br /> hadware info $post[field5]
    How are table for left hadware info and right signiture?

    $post[field5] info:
    User Profile Fields
    Title xxx
    Max 50

    Description xxx
    Max 250

    Default Value
    You may specify a default value that is entered into this field at the time of registration.

    Max length of allowed user input

    Display Size

    Profile Field Type Single-Line Text Box

    Display Order

    Field Required Yes No No, but display at registration

    Field Editable by User Yes No Only at registration

    Private Field Yes No

    Field Searchable on Members List Yes No

    Show on Members List Yes No

    Regular Expression
    You may require the input field to match a regular expression (PCRE).

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  • Jake Bunce
    They have changed the postbit quite a bit. I recommend you ask them for their postbit code.

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  • vakvak
    started a topic How Signature in Hardware info

    How Signature in Hardware info

    how are the signiture Modification? look image plase. left hadware info and right signiture...
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