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  • User added to Administrator group at Random

    I have a serious problem with one or two users being added to the Administrator Group. This happens almost daily. I will edit the user.. uncheck the administrator group... save the user and all is fine..

    Next day, I check the usergroup and the user will be back in the administrator group.

    I am the only administrator on the boards.. I have two users.. mine and the Administrator user. I have changed the passwords on 2 occassions recently, but it makes no difference...

    This is really frustrating me and I don't know what to do...

    Any ideas?

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    Hmmm...there is no way this can be happening on its own. Either somone is manually changing these members usergroups, or you have a Promotion set up that is doing this by accident.

    Assumiig you have not installed any haccks and you have no promotions, then I suspect that either someone has direct access to your database, or you inadvertantly left the vB tools.php script on your web space.
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