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Web page copied and pasted in post: Security Risk?

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  • Web page copied and pasted in post: Security Risk?

    It isn't allowed to past html code into a forum post, but I just scrolled and copied an entire web page with Firefox and then pasted it into a forum post and it showed up exactly like the original page.

    Is this a security risk? I do know that the items in the page weren't set to target a blank page and they do in the post. Just curious thanks. This does not work in this forum, so if there a setting to stop that from occuring?

    - bT

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    What's the link to that post? The only way I can see that happening is if you've enabled HTML.
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      First of all, if you are using the WYSIWYG editor, you "get it all", as-is. If HTML is turned off, raw HTML code will not parse.


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        "raw HTML code" will be sanitized, it's not a matter of not being parsed. Small but important difference .


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          After further investigation, only administrators are capable of copying/pasting html pages (not code) into the WYSIWYG panel.

          When registered users do this, it shows up as sanitized text.

          Thanks for the input,