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How do I get a image to appear properly alongside text?

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  • How do I get a image to appear properly alongside text?


    How do I get a image to appear properly alongside text?

    see this url it is not how I want a image to appear next to a text

    I want a image to appear next to text like this site has , it has pic the right of several lines of text.

    I know that you would have to put "align='right' hspace='5' vspace='5' in the img scr tag, but what file would I have to update to do this.

    even this forum has this problem see the image I attached to this meassge how do I get it to show up like avforum, I updated the postbit template but that didn't help.

    Thanks Paul

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    Right after the thread title code, there is this code:

    <IMG SRC="" ALIGN="RIGHT" ALT="Trois: The Escort">
    It comes immediately before the message text. You can do that yourself if you have HTML code enabled. Just insert that code immediately before your message text.


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      Is there any way to get the thumbnails of attached images to show up down the right hand side of a posting? I'd like to do this - it would look especially cool with the images running down the right hand side of lengthy posts of text.


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        I want to use that little picture attachment button in the toolbar to do it, If I could just update that with align='right' hspace='5' vspace='5' in a template in admin somewhere that is all I would have to do.

        If I have post all the code above the text to do this then , can you please tell me how to enable HTML code.

        Thanks Regards Paul


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          You can code whatever you want in the templates. It's just the USERS who can't post HTML in their threads.


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            which templates do I update the postbits ones I updated the ones the had the image code but it didn't work all I want is is like avforums has done HELP

            I updated postbit_attachmentthumbnail and postbit_attachmentimage

            <a href="attachment.php?$session[sessionurl]attachmentid=$attachment[attachmentid]"><img class="thumbnail" src="attachment.php?$session[sessionurl]attachmentid=$attachment[attachmentid]&amp;stc=1&amp;thumb=1" border="0" "align='right' hspace='5' vspace='5' alt="<phrase 1="$attachment[filename]" 2="$attachment[counter]" 3="$attachment[filesize]">$vbphrase[image_larger_version_x_y_z]</phrase>" /></a>
            &nbsp;<if condition="$show['br']"><br /><br /></if>

            with "align='right' hspace='5' vspace='5' hoping that would make the image appear to thr right hand side of text but that didn't do it, nothing happened images still appear like at

            what did I do wrong, these must not be the ones to update.

            Last edited by tamborine; Wed 27th Apr '05, 8:58pm.


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              i still have this problem nothing anybody said worked


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                help i still can't do this I really want to please help


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                  Here Tamborine


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