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Getting Spam Posts in my VB!

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  • Getting Spam Posts in my VB!

    I am getting people who are spamming my OFF TOPIC board with "hit and run" posts. They'll post once then leave. How do I prevent this? I have image verification turned on and user email activation turned on.

    Thanks. I have VB 3.0.3,,,,

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    Only two ways to prevent this....

    1) Reactive Moderation. Removing spam as quick as possible will lower the posting of it.

    2) Proactive Moderation. Assume all new posters are going to spam your boards so you moderate their first XX number of posts. Those that are legitimate users won't mind and will quickly be able to surpass the limit. Those who join to spam won't get the joy. To do this you need to use usergroup promotions and the moderation queue.
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      It may be possible that these hit and run spammers may be using the same email address for each of their accounts you can prevent users from registering 2 or more accounts to the same email address by going to,

      Admincp --> Vbulletin Options --> User registration Options
      and set the radio button to yes under "Require Unique Email Address"

      every time the spammer hits he will have to make another email address and then register a username, verify the username and hit. After a few times it will become a bit too much to bother with. Also if the Ip isnt a static ip then ip banning will work.


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        I am trying to understand this. I am lost and I have read through the documentation. Okay, here it goes...

        I went to USERGROUP MANAGER and created a CUSTOM USERGROUP called "newbies". Then, on the USERGROUPS OPTIONS page, I pretty much left it all at default. Then, on the PROMOTIONS page, I set the number of posts to "5" before they are allowed to move to my REGISTERED USERS usergroup. However, I did not understand the PROMOTION TYPE options. Which one do I select: Additional Usergroups or Primary Usergroups?

        Finally, how do I keep my "newbies" from the ability to post URLs so they won't spam my boards?

        Thanks for any clarification. I hate spammers!!!!


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          All new users go to the Registered group. Do not change this. Instead change the permissions for that group, and use the Promotions system to move users into another group with greater access after reaching a specific number of posts.
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