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running two codes (both purchased) from the same db

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  • running two codes (both purchased) from the same db


    At the moment I run the forums out of however the time has come to migrate them onto the main site so would be the URL.

    My host doesn't appear to allow a redirect from to so as I will have use for another copy of the forum software later in the year could I purchase another copy and run the two in tandem for a while while people are introduced (and search engines) to the new URL. If I did do this what are the possible problems I would encounter (cookies, etc) has anyone done it or is it a really bad idea.

    thanks in advance

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    The easiest way would be to move the forum to /forums/ and then create a file which would sent visitors with a 301 redirect to the new directory, name that file index.php, forumdisplay.php and showthread.php and store it under the forum subdomain.


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