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mysql upgrade fked up

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  • mysql upgrade fked up

    ok i am very frustrated right now.
    i updated the POS mysql server to 4.1.8

    it changed the forum table, the char() types are now varchar and now it has this "Collation" thing and it changed them to "latin1_swedish_ci" whatever the F*ck that is.

    now when i go to my forum to view the sub category there aren't any forums! how do i get them back to char() and remove this "latin1_swedish_ci" crap, every time i try to change it to char it makes it varchar again!

    yeah this is the **** i get when i get told by the VB staff to "UPGRADE TO NEWEST EVERYTHING"

    i feel like ripping someone heart out right now.

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    The latest MySQL version is 4.1.11.

    What version did you upgrade from? What upgrade steps did you perform?

    Varchar is the correct datatype for most Alphanumeric columns.

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      phpmyadmin shows 4.1.8 for some reason.
      in any case..

      childlist in forum table should be char(250) after the upgrade its now varchar(250)

      so when i view a category child forums don't appear! all the char() fields in forum table are now varchar..

      and when i try to change them back to char it just resets back to varchar..


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        The var/varchar issue shouldn't cause this problem. If you have not installed any hacks (which includes portals), fill out a support ticket at:

        Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP, phpMyAdmin and FTP.
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