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Are subscriptions recurring?

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  • Are subscriptions recurring?

    If a user subscribes via pay-pal, are their subscriptions automatically renewed and their card/paypal account automatically charged, or must they renew manually?

    And if their subscription puts them in a new usergroup and their subscription expires, will they be auto removed from that group?

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    They are not reoccuring.

    The forum sends a reminder email around a week or so before it runs out.

    If they don't renew, it drops them back to the original usergroup they came from.
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      This brings up a renewal question when using primary usergroups.

      1. person is registered user.
      2. buys Gold primary usergroup subscription
      3. renews/extends Gold subscription
      4. Gold expires.

      Are they sent back to registered users, or do they stay in Gold as a glitch, because they renewed, and that was the usergoup they came from, since when they renewed it recognized Gold as the previous group?

      I am asking because I am unable to test, since it does not allow $0 transactions, and I have found glitches in other areas with subscriptions.