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Moving domains and major version update...

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  • Moving domains and major version update...

    I've searched for this answer, but I haven't found exactly what I want to know. I am currently running a VERY old version of vBulletin on one server. I have a new server and I need to move the board to the new location AND update to the latest version.

    The information I've read suggests that I move the board and import the posts and all that good stuff on the version I am currently running, THEN update the board. However, since it's such a massively old version of vBulletin, I don't have the install files for that version.

    That leaves me puzzled as to how I should get the old 2.x version to the new server in order to apply a backup that I can then update. Are the old versions available somewhere so that I can install just to update? I'm guessing not.

    I have the most recent version of vBulletin installed on the new server, but I have no idea if that does me any good because I need to be able to drop in my database backup -- and I'm assuming there have been structure changes between the 2 versions. Yes? No?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You don;t need the install files to move servers. You simply:

    1. Move the files
    2. Move the database
    3. Edit config.php with the correct db info for this server.

    Instructions for moving servers are in the online manual here:

    Note: The only reliable method of backing up and restoring a database is with shell access via telnet or ssh. Please see the instructions here:



    This is because backing up with a PHP script like that in the Admin CP or phpMyAdmin can result in PHP timeouts errors and an incomplete backup file.
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      OK.. I think I get it. So, instead of installing the version I'm on, I should just copy the stuff in my FTP. That makes sense, I guess. I'll give it a try and I'll probably be back when I mess up.

      Thanks for the clarification.