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  • forum description next to forum title

    surprised I couldn't find this with a search.

    I have a bunch of sub forums for sports teams. For the sake of readiblity... I named the forums by their 3 letter abbreviation like "BOS" for example. But the description for the BOS forum is the full name "Boston Bruins". (This looks nice and clean on the home page.)

    However when someone pulls up that sub forum I want the description to appear with the forum title. Instead of:

    Threads in Forum: BOS

    I simply want

    Threads in Forum: BOS - Boston Bruins

    In addition, if possible I would also like to elaborate on the 3 letter title with the description, in the navbar at the top.

    Thank you for any help
    Hockey Station Sports Forum

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    I figured out the first part... but I SWEAR I tried this first and it didn't work

    in FORUMDISPLAY, change
    $vbphrase[threads_in_forum]<span class="normal">: $foruminfo[title]</span>
    $vbphrase[threads_in_forum]<span class="normal">: $foruminfo[title][COLOR=Red] - $foruminfo[description][/COLOR]</span>
    Now I'll see if I can get the same effect for the bread crumb list.
    Hockey Station Sports Forum


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      I need to change the color of forum Description. I noticed it uses the div class="smallfont" code but no matter how deep I searched in templates I could not find the correct place to change that CSS property to let's say smallfont2. Then ofcourse I'll add a new .smallfont2 {color:red} class in the main CSS...

      The obvious one is editing the FORUMDISPLAY template but.... there's only one place that I could see the description and that is in

       <meta name="description" content="$foruminfo[description]" />
      where I don't need it.

      The place where it should be is after the thread title:

       <td class="tcat" width="100%">$vbphrase[threads_in_forum]<span class="normal">: [color=red]$foruminfo[title][/color]</span></td>
      .... but it's not!


      OH I think I need to edit the next 4 templates:

      forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost /_post / level2_nopost / level2_post.... It's strange where's located...
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