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Combining forum home URLs?

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  • Combining forum home URLs?


    I'm having a bit of an issue with getting Google to give my forum the appropriate page rank, and I think it is because of the various "aliases" that vBulletin uses to refer to the forum home page. Right now I have noticed Google has the following PRs: - PR 2 - PR 4 - PR 5

    They all point to the same page, of course, and I would like to combine them somehow.

    I have noticed that the vB code seems to use the first of these, with the "?" in most of its links, such as the top logo and the breadcrumb links.

    Is there any way to merge these?


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    I don't know of any way to do this. You would need to somehow tell Google to combine the 3 entries. If you know of a way to contact them to request this, I would do that.


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      Yes I could do that. I realize that is out of your control.

      I guess I am really wondering if it is "safe" to change the code to take out the "?" specifically. I realize you don't support code mods, but perhaps you ciould tell me what the "?" is for?



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        The ? prepares all forum URLs for parameters in the URL. Most notably, if the client's browser does not support cookies, then vBulletin inserts the client's sessionid into the URL right after the ?.

        The ? makes no functional difference in page requests. Removing it when it is not needed would require an obscene number of changes to the files, templates, and phrases. I don't know of any easy way to do this.


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          Okay thanks Jake. I am going to have to see if Google can help out with this one.