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  • Login Problems to site

    Hello Team,

    I'm having serious problems with my site.

    I managed to carry out a successful upgrade onto my site from SMF to vBulletin. All users and thread were successfully transfered over.

    I was in the Admin control pannel and an error message appeared saying there was a problem with the database connection, so I should do a refresh I did that and again the same error message appeared. I then thought ok close down FireFox(browser) and log back in.

    However, when I tried going back into the site I saw that the forum was all screwed and it was posting threads from left to right, and it did not look right. I cleared all cookies and cache and tried login into the site again and this time it said that it does not recognise the user name and password, I thought hang on what the f***.

    So I tried two user accounts where I know the passwords and now it won't allow me to login in. Now I'm panicking and I suggested a password reset and it now tells me that their is no email account associated with that account. I think what the hell, and so I click on the memberlist to see what users there are and it gives me the error message that 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.' What the hell is going on?

    No hacks have been installed as it was a fresh install. Damn

    Anyway, please let me know whats screwed...I do have a backup of the database so in the worse case scenario can do a restore but really would not like to.

    Kindest regards,

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    It looks to me like all your members are gone.


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      Yeah they certainly have gone...surely the site wasnt that bad

      Nah I dont know why its screwed...I do remember I was in the Import/Export Utility and I think I clicked on Repair/Optimise database.

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        Fill out a support ticket at:

        Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP, phpMyAdmin and FTP. Please also include a complete description of the problem.
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