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right hand column content problem ?

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  • right hand column content problem ?

    I've used Jake Bunce's customisation tip to add a right hand column to my forum:

    In the contents of this right column I have a table. The problem is, I cannot control the height of the table !?
    I've tried using "<TABLE height=158 ..." and I've tried applying an inline style "<TABLE style="height:158px;" ..." but nothing seems to fix the problem ?

    Anybody got any ideas ?

    Many thanks

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    The table should just be as tall as the forum page itself.

    If you want it smaller, then I suggest you put another table inside the YOUR CONTENT HERE bit, and give that a height.. should work.


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      In fact the problem seems to be that this TABLE contains a <form> anchor. When I take the form out - no more problem !!?

      weird. I've tried putting the <form> anchors outside of another table (with the contents of the form inside the table) but that doesn't change anything
      I still cannot control the height of the first table ??

      Any ideas ??


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