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3.0.7 uploading language problem

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  • 3.0.7 uploading language problem

    i've been trying to add arabic language to my forum after installing it saccessfully on the server but it is not adding it at all, also tried to add greek language but it gives me the same thing:
    rebuilding English (US) but not adding the secound language.

    i've tried also to upload the language pack to the folder on the server and then install it it gives me this message:

    Sorry, no XML was passed into this function and the $path variable empty

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    In the Admin CP, click on vBulletin Options and open the Server Settings and Optimization Options section and turn on the Public phpinfo() Display Enabled setting. Then provide the URL to your forums. This may help us troubleshoot this problem.
    Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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      Thanx Steve,

      i've tried to upload the language last night and it secceed but don't ask me how, because i didn't change anything on it, so i think it is something to do with our server, since it accecpted it at last.
      i'll try with the syle and if it gives me the same problem i'll know that it's from the server.

      Sayed Majid Al-Durazi.