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vBulletin3 incorrectly formatting text

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  • Dennis Olson
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  • EbonyWidow
    started a topic vBulletin3 incorrectly formatting text

    vBulletin3 incorrectly formatting text

    I am having some problems with vB3 incorrectly pasting text from a phpBB2 site. I am not sure if this just has to do with phpBB but I dont think so. I did some testing and it has nothing to do with the length of the line of type or anything like that.

    It seems that there just happens to be something in this line of type that is causing vBulletin to put a space between a certain word. When I paste it in the edit box it looks fine but after I post the thread it adds the space. I pasted this line of type in a ton of different programs and none of them are adding this arbitrary space to the text line. This is extremely frustrating because these are lines of 'code' that it is doing it to and it is causing errors in the execution.

    The following is an example of the issue:


    The spacing is being caused in the word 'debug'. If you were to 'edit' this post and look at the type there is no space in the word debug so now I know that this is a vB3 issue and has nothing to do with just my forum because it is happening here too. This is extremely difficult issue to debug. No pun intended.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated because I need to resolve this issue ASAP. Thank you.
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