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  • Frank Woolf
    I had this problem with vBulletin and vbPortal. The solution for vBulletin was in this thread:
    which describes how to fix it with an .htaccess file in the forums folder.

    I found that I could post short messages but if the message was long I got the forbidden access error. (this could explain why your problem is intermittent) I had maximum message length set to 20000 in vBulletin and vbPortal but was only posting a message that was about 7500 characters. If I posted a short message I got no error.

    vBulletin seems to be OK now but I still have the same problem with vbPortal. I tried putting the same .htaccess file in the vbPortal folder (HTML root) but then I get server configuration errors.

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  • tryckjävel
    Im not sure if im having the same problem, but your threads the closest to what im getting.

    Since about the same time i upgraded from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7 a bunch of board members have been getting forbidden errors at random. For the last month i've been trying to fit some kind of common denomanator to it and cant. They're from all over the world, using different browsers, accessing it at different times to different spots. Its not just images or pages, and not just the board - however i've got the login boxes on the website as well.

    The servers error logs show [Thu Mar 31 08:46:40 2005] [error] [client *.*.*.*] client denied by server configuration: /home2/turbobri/public_html/forums/img/e2logo.gif

    (i removed the IP for the users sake) and the actual file path changes of course its not any particular file.

    The server's rights are fine, the folder permissions are fine, The thing thats odd is theres probably ~100 members who get this error regularly (5-50 times per visit) and the rest of us (6000+) have never seen it.

    Again, i dont know if this is the same problem.

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  • Jake Bunce
    That is an error returned by your server, not by vBulletin.

    You say this is an intermittent problem? Weird... I recommend asking your host about this.

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  • Amarant
    started a topic Forbidden Errors

    Forbidden Errors

    Several of my users are receiving the following error message when they go to view any thread. They have permissions to access the forums they're attmepting to view and I've even tried overriding the defaults to enable permission on a user by user basis. They can usually view two or three pages then receive the error message and won't be able to view anything after that.

      You don't have permission to access /forumdisplay.php on this server.
    Is this something with my server, the forumdisplay.php file, or something else?

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