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  • Questions regarding the archives

    Question, I am at the point with my forum where searches will kill the server, or at least cause it to stall on certain searches. This search engine friendly archive, I am trying to find documentation on it in the VB manual to no avail. Few questions:

    I want to go through my forums and prune posts from years ago to try and speed up the search function. For archival purposes, the search engine friendly archive still retains these posts if I were to prune correct?

    I know it links to the full post on the top of any given thread. I could just make a 404 saying "page not found or full thread no longer exists" correct?

    Last, anyone know if there is a good way to have this archive searchable?


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    The archive is a live version of the current site, if the current site does not have the threads, they will not be in the archive.

    Since the archive is just a lightweight version of the forums for spiders and pda it would be just searching the forums...


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      Well poop. What do a lot of you Vb users do in a case like this? (or VB guys yourselves). Am I to bump up server horsepower in order to ease the searching strain? Will VB 3.1 fulltext search lower the burden so well that it will help me a lot? (Threads: 154,514, Posts: 3,059,117, Members: 40,721) I'd hate to prune away old posts without some sort of "historical" archive of the board.


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        You may want to move old threads to forums where they cannot be searched... (there is an option to not index new posts, if you are going to move such a large chunk you might want to reindex after that)