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Work around the IE mac navbar?

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  • Work around the IE mac navbar?

    Does anyone have a work around for the IE mac/pc navbar difference?

    Attached are how they look.

    The Mac navbar is viewed from systems running OS9.2.2 with IE 5XX.

    The PC navbar is viewed from systems running XP with IE 6XX

    The code is default vBulletin 3.07.

    I know of the issue with drop downs and IE having done a search.

    Here's the reason why. We have a high readership of teachers running the same as the mac test system. We can't say tough, change the browser or OS.

    Here's the problem/solution. We want to reduce the available navbar choices so they match across platforms.

    When we pull code to reduce the elements available on the navbar, some things still show up even if we think we have removed the code for the item (like "mark forums read" on the mac). What stupid little thing are we missing?

    Has anyone gone through this before? Could you share some direction?

    Code snips can be supplied if needed, but I'm really more interested if either we are missing something, or if someone else who has tried to get matching navbars has spent time on the issue of "IE sucks but the readers use it" and has a conclusion or suggestion for a direction to look at.
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    If you want consistency between two different browsers, where only one supports popup menus, then you should probably disable popup menus:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Style & Language Settings -> Use 'vBMenu' DHTML Popup Menus?

    Then both browsers will be given the same HTML (without popups). Then you can edit the navbar and have the changes displayed in both browsers.

    The navbar template contains code for both popup and non-popup browsers. The code is mixed together with conditionals and stuff, so editing for both kinds of browsers can be confusing.


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      many thanks Jake.

      Those tips made the difference.

      The navbar now matches when seen with both platforms.

      Thanks for answering a stupid question that was causing questions to be directed to us.