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GCI timeout when running install script 3.0.7

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  • GCI timeout when running install script 3.0.7


    I am attempting to install vbulletin 3.0.7 with PHP5 and mysql 4.1.1 on a W2k box running IIS 5.

    Due to the PHP 5 not initially supporting mysql....

    I have edited the php.ini to uncomment the
    extensions=php.mysql.dll line and restarted the server, now when I run the vbulletin install script I get this error....

    The specified CGI application exceeded the allowed time for processing. The server has deleted the process

    This is on the initial script page.

    Before I went to php 5 I was using php 4 and getting to the error message that occurs due to the password hashing problems with mysql 4.1.1. I went to php 5 and now I do not even get to the vbulletin install script.

    Help ?

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    Is this a windows system? if so did you put

    libmysql.dll into the system32 directory?


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      it is in the system32 folder now, same error........


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        Do you have a phpinfo.php file? If not create a text file with this content:

        PHP Code:
        Name it 'phpinfo.php' then upload it to your forum directory and post the URL here. This will help us troubleshoot the problem.
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          phpinfo.php uploaded to forums directory

          I have uploaded the phpinfo.php file and the url is

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