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cleaning out the hacks

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  • cleaning out the hacks

    Due to some problems with hacks that I’ve got on my forum it’s turned very unstable and looses it’s datestamps on the posts, I’ve restored the backup and it still falls over, so I figure that I need to clean the hacks out and then restore to a new install of vB. I didn’t install the hacks and I’ve no idea how to go through the site removing them and patching it up etc.

    So, the cunning plan devised was to covert the forum to phpbb, this would take the raw data from the DB and leave the hacks out, thus giving me a clean start with just member info, post info etc, then convert this to vB on a clean install and I’d have a hack free forum that has member and post info.

    The problem with the plan is that there is no converter from vB 3.0.6 to phpbb, so I can’t do it. Do any of you have a good idea of what I can do to get myself back to having a hack free DB? Some way I can save the users and the posts, I’m really not worried about the themes and hacks at all.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated



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    Why not just:
    1: Revert all your templates to the orginal state.
    2: If you get errors pertaining to specific .php files upload unhacked ones.

    Should work fine after that.
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      There are 3 kinds of hacks:
      1. File hacks. These can be removed by uploading the original files from the zip file.
      2. Template hacks. These can be removed by reverting the customized templates in your Admin CP.
      3. Database hacks. You need to use a program like phpmyadmin to browse your database and remove custom tables and fields.

      Or if you don't want to manually remove the hacks, then you might be able to do a fresh install and use ImpEx (available in the member's area) to import the information from the old database. But hacks in the old database might cause problems with the import.


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        Install a test forum of vB and open phpMyAdmin twice, once for the test forum's database and once for your forum's database. Then look at the structure of each table and compare them. Doing that you can see whatever changes you did to the forum's database. After you did that, upload unmodified vB files to the server and you'll have a hack free board.


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          Thanks guys, I'll give this a go early next week


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            I think a good way is it to do a fresh install and import all users, posts, ect. per Impex in the fresh installed copy.


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              Jake stated that there might be problems with hacks in the database, hence why I suggested comparing the databases. This would be the safest option then.


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