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Subscribed threads not sending e-mail alerts

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  • Subscribed threads not sending e-mail alerts

    I know this used to work but lately it has stopped.

    Here is my site:

    We run on a Windows 2003 server.

    I believe the problem started when we upgraded PHP to version 4.3.10, and added GD support (which we did on 17 February).

    Could that have messed up the settings? Is there something I should reset or adjust to get it working again?

    Thanks in advance!


    Holy moly!

    I just found out that we have had a problem with the system NOT sending out e-mails of any kind (not just for notifications) ever since the PHP upgrade (feb 17)!! This means that none of our new members (we get 50-100 per day) since that day have been able to activate their account!!!

    This is a HUGE emergency! Please help as soon as you can! Thanks!
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    vB uses the settings in php.ini for setting up how emails are sent. As you say you upgraded your php you should check the settings there.

    You have a few thousand people sitting in awaiting email confirmation? I am supprised that noone complained that they were not getting the emails.


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      Originally posted by pieman666
      You have a few thousand people sitting in awaiting email confirmation? I am supprised that noone complained that they were not getting the emails.
      People were complaining. That's the point.

      I am only the owner of the site, I don't run it myself. My admins and mods were trying to do something about it and tried getting help from my technical-helper-dude, but I knew nothing of this until today.

      Edit: I just checked and yes we have had nearly 2,000 people register in the last 30 days.

      It seems their accounts are automatically moved to a different usergroup (one we made called "Newbie") immediately after registering so there aren't any in group id 3 called "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation".

      The problem is only for those who "think" they need to wait for an e-mail - and they never get one!

      I noticed that the vast majority (nearly 90%) of the members who joined after February 17 (when this problem started as far as I know) have zero posts.
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        If you have not installed any hacks and you have email verification on, then newly registeresd members will go into usergroupid 3 until they have activated their registration. Test this out byy registering a test account. If it is not working this way, then you need to remove any hacks and reupload the original vB files.
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          I have not installed any hacks for this at all! (Quit assuming that about everything I do please!)

          I just looked it up and found that we have used "Promotions" through the regular forum software to state that newly registered members should go directly to the Newbie group, and that "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" are automatically promoted there as well.

          I guess this e-mail confirmation has been an issue for longer than I thought?

          Anyways, I have turned off the confirmation thing but I still need help getting the forums to send out e-mails!



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            have you got the host to check the php.ini file? Or have you checked it? Can the server send email not related to vB?

            If you go to

            vBulletin Options > Server Settings and Optimisation > Enable "-f" Parameter

            and set it to yes that may help.

            you can test if emails are working by going to

            Import & Maintanance > Diagnostics > Email

            Is your sending address setup properly some servers for security won't send emails that don't appear to be from them, so check that as well.

            EDIT: the Import & Maintanance > Diagnostics > Email may also tell you what settings you need to change to get email to work, so you are probably best looking there first.
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              Thanks pieman! That was excellent help.

              I ran the diagnostic and got back this:
              The mailing function returned an error while trying to send the mail.
              Check your mail server to ensure it is configured correctly to allow PHP to send mail from it. You should also check your mail server's error log for more diagnostic information.
              I'll have to check the ini file like you said.

              I hope I can get help with this from my server host.

              I'll report back here when I find out.


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                It worked!!

                We changed the ini file and that fixed everything!

                Thanks again for the help!


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                  glad to hear it's working


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