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My board is too long - help

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  • My board is too long - help

    I have 19 boards in 4 groups, 23 in all if you count the non fourm categories.

    The problem is that even on my large monitor, the board occupies an impressive length of real estate. How can I shorten the height of each line?

    I like what Pekka has done on this site to shorten the length.

    Can anyone tell me how he did it?

    I am new to this BBS and am just beginning to feel my way around.


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    seems like they just made the text size a lot smaller


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      Oh, they are nearing 500.000 posts there and have a nice web site! I like the color combination of their simple theme.

      They created more space by tweaking the design Main CSS (Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > DropDown: Main CSS) - changing various font faces, sizes, etc.


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        I checked the font size. That's not it. My font sizes are the same. ( I peeked at the CSS from my site, and his and found no differences in font sizes. )

        What is different is that the amount of whitespace above and below the text lines and around the message images, etc. It must be some template change. Any idea where to go to emulate this? My board has a lot of forums and is hard to read due to the length it occupies.