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Imported Birthdays don't show in Calendar

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  • Imported Birthdays don't show in Calendar

    I'm not sure if this is an importing issue or not:

    I imported from IPB 1.3 and all the birthdays imported fine. However, they do not show up in the Calendar or the Today's Birthdays section on the forum home.

    They do show if I manually update the member's profile - not making any changes, just saving what's already there.

    Newly created members also show up fine - so, it shouldn't be a configuration issue.

    Any ideas?

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    Try running the following counters to see if this helps:

    Update User Titles
    Fix broken user profiles
    Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
    Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

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