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  • Database errors

    Please somebody help me!! I received 1187 emails this morning about the database having some problems at my site. Last night, someone registered and started posting links to adult related sites. One of my super mods deleted his threads and then I banned him. After that we started having problems getting to New Posts, then I deleted his account. Today I have a million complaints about members not being able to do various things, some can't view posts at all, some can't start new threads, etc, for me, I can do all that but I can't view the New Posts, it gives me a db error.

    Database error in vBulletin 3.0.6:
    Invalid SQL: 
       SELECT threadid AS itemid, forumid,
       IF(postuserid = 1, 'self', 'other') AS starter
       FROM thread AS thread
       LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS delthread ON(delthread.primaryid = thread.threadid AND delthread.type = 'thread')
       WHERE threadid IN(6723, 6727, 2666, 6726, 6725, 6724, 4576, 6722, 6713, 2, 5910, 5352, 6681, 939, 1213, 6706, 6710, 6699, 6707, 342, 1220, 994, 6718, 4951, 6690, 3242, 6711, 6044, 6716, 6533, 6717, 6076, 6714, 2343)
       AND delthread.primaryid IS NULL
       AND <> 10
       AND thread.visible = 1
       AND thread.postuserid NOT IN (********,(user,was,banned))
    mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'was,banned))' at line 9
    mysql error number: 1064
    Date: Saturday 12th of March 2005 08:02:15 PM
    Username: Massie
    IP Address:
    My site is at

    I don't know how to mess with MySQL so I wanted to ask here first...

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    I'm not sure what that error means, but you could always restore your database from a working backup ....... You do have one, don't you?


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      No, I don't have a backup... I know I know... arrgghhh


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        I am wondering, can someome from vB take a look at this problem? I wanted to put a ticket in but all the questions asked are so complicated. I don't know the version of php etc my host uses...


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          AND thread.postuserid NOT IN (********,(user,was,banned))

          This means that someone entered text instead of a userid in the Tachy field or some other setting caloing for userids.
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