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  • neal007
    Never mind, found what I needed after several searches:

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  • neal007
    started a topic Multi-homed web sites

    Multi-homed web sites


    I have multiple web sites bound to a single IIS web site and change content in code (ASP.NET) on my main sites based on the HTTP_REFERER (domain name). For example, in one IIS web site, I have:

    All within one site, so they are all the same IP address, etc.

    I'd like to have one forum'ware (vBulletin 3) for all forums but be able to access the forums with each domain "prefix", for example:

    So you have three domains but ONE forum.

    I know in vBulletin's admin you have to specify a "home URL" etc. and I'm concerned I can't run vBulletin in a multi-homed configuration such as this. I also have a question about licensing as this is only ONE forum but the users think they are within their product web site. I have no problem buying a license for each domain and specifying the same database for all if that's the solution as well. I just don't want to visit separate sites to keep up with my customers, I want it all consolidated. I'm also concerned with site updates if I had four source file locations (sites) but one DB, again, if this is the only way to skin this cat!

    Take a look at my real sites and how I do it now:

    I'm building new web sites and have always used vBulletin everywhere else, I'm considering moving my existing forums back to vBulletin if I can figure out the scenario above.