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  • Posts shows as new with own posts

    Hello everyone...

    Is it possible to disable the function that everytime I post in a forum it shows my own posts as new posts ?

    IOW it shows in the index a red flag when I posted a in thread.

    Thank you,

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    My moderators just adviced me that, the same thing happens on there side...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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      as i understand it, this is by design. executing a new-post check would be vastly more demanding on the server, and would lead to problems.

      you must view the forum (the list of threads) one last time after reading all the threads or use the "mark forum(s) read" link in the quicklinks menu.
      - Planetside Syndicate


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        Thank you very much


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          Testing... this forums doesnt show new post to myself when im posting in that thread ?


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