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I can't backup. :/

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  • I can't backup. :/

    Everytime I try to backup my forums. It will only download half of it. When I check the backup, at the bottom it says:

    <b>Fatal error</b>: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <b>/var/www/sites/</b> on line <b>240</b><br />

    *scratches head*
    I always backed up my forums and never got that error before.

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    Once your forum reaches a certain size, that will happen (or something similar). At that point, you'll need to backup using a server session or CRON job.


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      server session or cron job.
      How would I go about doing that ?


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        For a server session, you need Telnet or SSH access directly to your server. Then you can manually initiate a backup without the timeout issue. A CRON job is a script that you write (that has the same commands in it that you would issue from your keyboard - think Macro), which your host can schedule to run automatically at specific times.


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          I don't have telnet or SSH. :/
          would it be possible to back up each table one at a time ? would that still cause errors ?

          Is there any cron job scripts that I could use ??


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            You can download and install phpMyAdmin - it has the option to compress the database before sending it and usually this works. I use this at the moment and my database is over 200mb in size.

            If you have a control panel like plesk or cpanel you usually have phpMyAdmin pre-installed.

            Yes, you can backup through the admin control panel per table, just click the select all [no] button and only select the table(s) you want to export.


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              Works great, even for large forums. Compression rules.

              Only problem might be that you might not want files taking up your server space.


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                Also worthy of note, something called phpflashmyadmin, which is a direct replacement for phpmyadmin.


                Since it uses Flash, it doesn't have any timout issues at all. There's even a hack available on to add an AdminCP menu item to run it through your AdminCP. This program is not free. You have to buy it ($5) and upload it to your server via FTP. (I'd never heard of this program, and I had it up and running on my server in 30 minutes.)


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                  my host doesn't allow ssh or telnet. they don't allow scheduled tasks either. they don't have cpanel. I tried that vb hack but my host emailed me after saying they don't allow it.

                  I'm very frustrated. I have a backup saved from previous but it's only 46mbs. the database is now 52mbs. I wanted to save the rest of the data.

                  now i'm afraid i won't be able to do so. :/


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                    Will you host allow phpMyAdmin? If not, get a new host ASAP. There are lots of GOOD vB hosts. Folks here can point you in the right direction. (My database is 12 Gb.)


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                      yes, they allow phpmyadmin. I tried to backup each table one a time. but when i reach the "post" table with the data, it always times out. I tried the admincp panel and I tried it one by one there too and it timed out again once it reached "post".

                      they are not trying to help the situation either. I told them I am trying to backup my data. they seem to just tell you what you can't do and what you are not allowed doing.


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                        Buy the phpflashmyadmin that I told you about on my post above ($5). Have the host upload that product to YOUR forum area as specified in the product documentation. If they do that, I can supply you with the code to modify your AdminCP menu to add that product to your Maintenance sub-menu. Since it uses Flash, it does NOT have the PHP timeout issues. Note that it WILL NOT WORK in FF browser...


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                          Samples of phpflashmyadmin at work:
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