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  • upgrade service..

    Hi guys not sure if im supposed to post this here or not...if not, sorry and please delete.

    I am waiting for my site to be upgrade by vb (paid for the upgrade service) and have had it closed since saturday. I have tried to contact the installer assigned to my site as well as the general support/install contacts noted to find out the status. I've not heard anything back so far...

    If someone could just let me know when this might happen so I can let our members know when we might be back up? It's a fairly active site and would like to get it back open asap.

    Thank you in advance for you help!

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    Who is the installer?
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      Floris...he did the upgrade for my other site last week so I emailed him when I paid for the upgrade to the current site and he said he assigned it to himself.

      Thank you.


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        Hey there Frank,

        When you emailed me back about the other web site I upgrade I immediatly took out 6 hours to work on it, I've mailed with you a few times and the last reply from me was to let me know when you've done the backup, after which I didn't hear anything - so halfway the night I finally went to bed and the next day my wife's sister had a baby, so I had other things to do.

        Later that night I went online to check up on the ticket and noticed you mentioned to hold off the upgrade until you had settled the uninstallation with someone from vB Portal. So I did.

        Today I came online again and noticed multiple tickets with status upgrade requests, updated ticket replies and this public request.

        I will do the upgrade right now and hopefully it all goes well, apologies for the delay.


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          Floris!! I am so happy to see you! ...Im sorry I meant to stay up that saturday morning so I could coordinate with you but fell asleep...then getting the isp to do the dumps for me was a 6 hour process. i figured you guys need a day off too.

          looking forward to the upgrade and praying it all goes well.

          ...hmm i just noticed when i click the smilies they appear as smilies instead of the sites including the one just upgraded inserts the words instead of the smilies...can you make it do that on my current upgrade? I will ask in the help forum to figure out how to do it for the other site.

          Once again, thank you for your help!


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            Hi there,

            A few hours later but your 2.2.8 forum is upgraded to 2.3.6 and from there to 3.0.7.

            Don't forget to go through your forum and usergroup permissions. The settings and options, features, etc before you go live.


            I think the smilies appear in the editor that supports it, on your site you probably use the standard toolbar and on this site the wysiwyg toolbar editor.


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              Thank you!!! That was fast! I am really surprised...from what I've been reading on the forums I thought it was going to take forever!

              So would the permissions have changed back to defaults? or are you saying check to verify that they didnt change?

              Thanks for the answer on the smilies as well!


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                You're welcome. Actually - because your attachment table was so big it took a bit longer

                The permissions should be in place, but as you came in all the way from 2.2.8 it doesn't hurt to go through the forums as a staff member, as a registered member and as a guest.

                vBulletin 3 also has a feature in the forum & moderator section called 'view permissions' which helps you make sure.


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