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  • Title colour help

    I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction for these please...

    Im trying to give certain member groups colour titles under their names pertaining to their specific group and also when it is shown who is on-line etc on the bottom of the board, how can I change these colours also....

    Thanks for looking

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    The first thing can be done by specifying a group title:

    Admin CP --> Usergroups --> Usergroup Manager --> [Edit] --> User Title

    ... do this for the usergroups you want. Then when you're done, you'll need to run the following:

    Admin CP --> Import & Maintenance --> Update Counters --> Update User Titles

    The second can be done here:

    Admin CP --> Usergroups --> Usergroup Manager --> [Edit]

    Then in the Username HTML Markup fields, place the start and closing HTML tags. For instance, this would bold it:

    Field 1: <strong>
    Field 2: </strong>

    This would put it in italics:

    Field 1: <em>
    Field 2: </em>

    This would turn the name red:

    Field 1: <span style="color:red">
    Field 2: </span>
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      Excellent, thanks for the reply and help


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        Thank you for contacting vBulletin support, I am glad you are using vBulletin to the fullest and making your site more unique by setting up HTML markup for names, etc.

        daemon's explanation is very nice; so I have not much to add to it but point out the on-line manual with perhaps more information.

        Usergroups and Permissions > Adding or Editing a Usergroup


        I really like your explanation and after looking at the on-line manual I feel it is misisng such an explanation. I will ask permission from Kier to include your tutorial to that page in a small paragraph so it will be there after the next update of the manual.


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          I've just done exactly what is said above. It works fine for the Admin, but not mods. Any suggestions?




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            When I do the update counters, it doesn't override the moderator title.


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              Fixed the display issue. Thanks to Michael Dengler.

              Okay, I found the cause of the problem. In the Admin CP the User Manager showng Maranello's Usergroup Options has Display Usergroup set to Default. When I changed this to Top 30 Poster his username changed to red as specified by the Username HTML Markup field.


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